Surgical Instrument Sets  Ophthalmic Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration Set

Ophthalmic Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration Set

Product Information

This product has been specially designed to improve access to all quadrants of the capsule during cortex removal and capsule clean-up. Separate handpieces have several advantages over standard coaxial systems including smaller incision, controlled fluidics an improved approach for removal of sub-incisional cortex.


  • Box containing 7 pairs of Bimanual I/A set packed in 7 blister case, each blister containing 1 pair.

Product Code

  • D 6023 (20/21G)
  • D 6023 (21/22G)
  • D 6023 (22/23G)
  • Opthalmic Bimanual Set (Disposable)