Disposable Gowns & Allied Products

Disposable Gowns 
& Surgical Kits

Surgeon's Gown

SMS fabric (fluid and chemical repellent) surgeon's gown PP Spun fabric (fluid repellent) surgeon's gown

Multi use Apron

Plastic Apron sterile
Spun fabric Apron sterile
Spun fabric laminated Apron

Surgeon's Cap

Bouffant cap regular
Surgeon's cap tie / elastic
Surgeons cap tie / elastic, sterile

Face mask

SMS mask Bacteria filtration 90%, sterile, elastic / tie

Bed sheets and pillow covers

SMS fabric set
PP Spun fabric set

Visitors Kit

Set of complete gown, mask, bouffant cap and shoe cover

Shoe covers

Spun fabric shoe cover
Plastic shoe cover

Trolley Sheet

TS 8010, 100x80 cm